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Some pairings in the culinary world just click. Rosemary and lamb. Strawberries and cream. Heck, even the likes of vegemite and cheese! With each of these examples, the sum is greater than its parts. And the match of Matt and Erica of Milkin Kitchen? Well, that's truly a culinary pairing for the ages...


Based in the heart of North East Victoria, and combining Matt's experience as Sous Chef in hatted restaurants such as Terrace, Patricia's Table and Provenance with Erica's extensive event management background - as a duo, they really offer the whole package. 


Providing a modern, versatile approach to gourmet catering - you'll most often find them handing out their seasonally inspired dishes at weddings, corporate functions and intimate gatherings. They know the devil's in the detail, but they are not afraid to strip things back to the essentials; in fact, if you've got a carport and an idea - they'll be there! 


With personality and flair; the Milkin Kitchen team create dining experiences to break the mould. So, who's hungry?

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info@milkinkitchen.com.au  /  Tel. 0467 257 921

It's personal

Our mission is to create unforgettable event catering by exceeding your expectations with innovative cuisine and creative presentation.

Our commitment

Providing quality food and service with a focus on locally sourced and seasonally inspired menus